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Hi! I'm Susie Buttons,

I live with my husband and 3 children in Leixlip, in Co. Kildare, in Ireland. I'm new to the world of art and creating but I'm loving the adventure.

As the name suggests my art is all about buttons. I love the colour, uniqueness and fun that they bring with them. It all started with an old tin that came from my grandmother that was filled with a fantastic collection of random buttons of all shapes, sizes and colours that she had gathered over the decades. It also happened to be getting close to Father's day and I wanted something a bit different to gift. From here, came my first button family portrait. I really enjoyed the creative process and I've been growing my skills and knowledge from then.

My button art is very popular as gifts and I love creating that perfect gift. Where the giver is excited to see the reaction and the receiver loves how it is just right for them. It is so exciting to be part of it because honestly who doesn't love sharing smiles?

Thanks for checking me out and being part of the fun.

Susie x

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